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  • Public Engagement  – We will promote broad civic engagement in all national decision-making processes where possible.
  • Community Education will build and encourage public awareness of individual rights and responsibilities by partnering with the community and other civil society organizations.
  • Legislation Reform – We will work on a non-partisan basis to promote reforms that target the elimination of corruption and laws that strengthen accountability and transparency in governance.
  • Leadership by Example – We will conduct our activities in an ethical and transparent manner.
  • Monitoring and Reporting – we will monitor and report on all matters of national interest in all levels of society, and hold responsible parties to account.


Tamara van Breugel


Tamara is a founding member of Citizens for A Better Bahamas. She possesses over a decade of experience in The Bahamas’ financial services sector. Her educational achievements include Bachelor of Arts Honours, Political Science, from University of Western Ontario and Masters, Business Administration, from The University of The West Indies.


Tamara is a passionate and visionary Bahamian who endeavours to inspire and encourage others to see beyond the horizon and to believe that “Together we are better. Together we can build a better Bahamas”.


    Jeanne S. Lundy, B.A., C.P.A.


    Jeanne Lundy is a graduate from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (C.P.A.).  Jeanne hails from Niagara Falls, Canada and has resided in the Bahamas for the last 25 years.  Over the course of her career, Jeanne has worked in various capacities in the financial services industry in Canada and the Bahamas, and more recently in the food retail and wholesale industry.


    As a passionate believer in justice and fairness to all, Jeanne joined Citizens for a Better Bahamas in 2015 and currently serves as Treasurer.  In her quest for accountability and transparency throughout society, Jeanne advocates for each citizen to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.


      Deran Thompson


      Deran is a founding member of Citizens for A Better Bahamas. He is an entrepreneur and master woodworker by trade, an avid nature photographer, and a Nationalist at heart. His love for Country is eclipsed solely by his love for family. He is a graduate of St. Anne’s School and a lifelong learner.


      Over the last twenty years, Deran has championed the fight for equal rights for Bahamian fathers, protection for at risk women and children, and transparency and accountability for government.